Where it Started

I’m so glad we were allowed to have pets growing up!

Bob, me, Bootsy and kittens.png
Bootsy the momma cat, my brother and me with what looks like 3 kittens tucked in around us.

Bootsy was such a sweet and tolerant cat and didn’t mind sharing her babies with us. She almost looks like a kitten herself.

Through the years we always had cats, a few special dogs, a few hamsters and fish. One summer my brother and his friend rescued an “Easter duckling” from a nearby lake. I was always bringing home baby birds that had fallen out of the nest, at least I thought that is why they were on the ground. When I got older I found out about local wildlife rehabilitation organizations and I’d bring them there. Still do!

me and Bootsy Christmas.png
See how patient she was! What a great cat 🙂



Author: pjmarieblog

I've had a number of unusual, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes exciting experiences with animals in my life and this is where I've decided to write those events down. I'd like to focus on the good experiences in general because I think that is what most of us need - to hear good things. I've rescued animals, volunteered in organizations that help them, "owned" and borrowed pets, worked for a few Veterinarian's and one dog training center/day care and generally have been drawn to animals since I was small. My dad once said "I'm surprised you still have your hands!", because I so often approached animals without a worry. I hope you enjoy what I put on these pages. In addition to Animal Stories, I spend a lot of time gardening and hope to be adding my experiences and other information to My Garden Journal, especially as spring is finally here! Thanks for reading!

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