Back to the Early Days

crop peg&ping001.png
This is the beautiful culprit. Really a most wonderful cat.

Animals do what animals do and it isn’t always what we want. They are wired for hunting and that’s just the way it is. When I was about 9-10 years old our cat killed 3 wild bunnies. I held funerals with my friend Mary Jo for any dead creature that I came across and buried them all around the house where I grew up. I used Popsicle sticks in the form of a cross to mark the burial sites. When the bunnies were killed I was going through a phase where I labeled the “coffins” (usually a shoe box) with information about the date and species, thinking archaeologists in the future would want to know. Ha! What can I say, I watched a lot of Natural Geographic growing up!

This time however, I thought a glass jar would be an even better coffin for keeping the bodies and the information more intact. I took the bunnies and wrapped them in Kleenex and put them in a jar with the label inside, and put the jar on a lower shelf between the backdoor and kitchen, then I went to get something…

About a week later I heard a scream from the kitchen and I ran downstairs and heard my Mom say, “WHAT – IS – IT!” as she closed lid on the jar. I said, “Oh, sorry Mom those are the (+/- week old) dead bunnies”. Then I sheepishly went and had the funeral in a hurry.

I guess people do what people do and it isn’t always what we want either!

Bob, me and Ping 1965 - Copy.png
Me and Ping Pong with my brother.

P.S. This cat was not a big hunter…more of a big sleeper! He was a very gentle soul and wouldn’t even harm our hamsters. The incident with the bunnies was pretty unusual for him.


Author: pjmarieblog

I've had a number of unusual, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes exciting experiences with animals in my life and this is where I've decided to write those events down. I'd like to focus on the good experiences in general because I think that is what most of us need - to hear good things. I've rescued animals, volunteered in organizations that help them, "owned" and borrowed pets, worked for a few Veterinarian's and one dog training center/day care and generally have been drawn to animals since I was small. My dad once said "I'm surprised you still have your hands!", because I so often approached animals without a worry. I hope you enjoy what I put on these pages. In addition to Animal Stories, I spend a lot of time gardening and hope to be adding my experiences and other information to My Garden Journal, especially as spring is finally here! Thanks for reading!

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